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2x DS-C9222i-K9 MDS 9222i

Multiservice Modular SAN Switch, New Open Box condition, barely used with manuals, etc

Price $19,995ea


Cisco WS-SUP32-GE-3B

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 32 with 8 GE uplinks and PFC3B

We have qty 4 WS-SUP32-GE-3B on special right now for $2,995e

Tollgrade TLGD-5205 $495

We buy and sell Tollgrade TLGD-5205. Please contact Allstar Networks, LLC at toll free 877-572-6530 to get the best price to sell Tollgrade TLGD-5205 to us as we are the largest buyer and seller of this type of equipment.


VoIP or IP based WiFi Phones

Allstar Networks is partnering with Unidata Communications to bring you the very latest in WiFi Phones .... More Info


Note: **Please call 1-916-532-5892 for special pricing


The WPU7800

the WPU7800 is a non proprietary SIP based ‘open system” phone that is fully compatible with open PBX vendors



The following list of Network equipment is in stock and available to ship the same day you order it at the price below. We also offer a 90 day warranty at no extra cost. Please email or fax your Purchase Order to sales@allstarnetworks.com or 717-924-7700 Fax. We will process your order immediately. If you do not find everything you need below, create a quote request which we will respond to within 24 hours. Thank you! Allstar Networks, LLC Sales Department 1-877-4U-TODAY or 877-488-6329


  • NT6X53AA $55ea
  • have Rel 89 or DC
  • NT6X51AC S10 $175ea
  • NT6X18AB R5D $15ea
  • NT6X21AC S25 $95ea
  • NT6X54AA S45 $65ea
  • NTN442CB $5,995ea
  • EB1412006 $5,950ea
  • EB1412004 AAS3408 $12,000
  • NTRX26GA $195ea
  • NTFX38AA $75ea
  • NT6X17BA $15ea
  • NT6X19AA $20ea
  • NT6X20AA #65ea
  • NT6X21AC $75ea
  • NT6X17BA $15ea


  • Foundry J-F16GC $750ea


  • G8M-CM5-512 $1,595ea for "0A/0B" version, $2900ea for 0E/0F
  • SYS-PCM32 $125ea
  • G8M-A03BM-02 $650ea
  • AIC-21 $325ea
  • G8M-HTXF2-16 $1700ea


  • WS-C2950G-24-EI $250ea
  • WS-C3550-24-EMI $895ea
  • UBR7246 $2595ea Non-VXR and $4500ea VXR
  • PWR-UBR7200-AC $375ea
  • UBR7200-I/O-FE $250ea
  • NPE-225 $300ea
  • UBR-MC16C $275ea
  • Dual4040D Out of stock
  • QHD4040D out of stock we have 1 x MA4040D $295ea
  • GSR12-CSC $150ea
  • GSR12-SFC $200ea
  • NM-1A-E3 $2,700ea
  • CISCO2611-DC $145ea
  • WIC-1DSU-T1 $75ea
  • WS-C3560G-24PS-E $4,950ea
  • WS-C3750-24TS-E $1,900ea
  • WS-C2960G-24TC-L $1,850ea
  • CISCO3845-AC-IP Routers $6,500ea
  • CISCO3845 $6,995ea
  • CISCO1760 $110ea
  • WS-C3750-48PS-S $4775ea
  • WS-C3750-24TS-S $2,155ea
  • WS-C3560-24TS-S $1,695ea
  • 16 x CAB-STACK-50CM $65ea
  • WS-SUP720-3B $7,300ea
  • MEM-C6K-CPTFL512M $275ea Approved
  • MEM-S2-512MB $275ea Approved
  • MEM-MSFC2-512MB $275ea
  • MEM-C6K-CPTFL512M $275ea
  • CF-ADAPTER-SP $850ea
  • BF-S720-64MB-RP $375ea
  • MEM-C6K-ATA-1-64M $125ea approved and $75ea 3rd party.
  • CISCO7206VXR $750ea
  • CISCO7204VXR $$1,995ea
  • NPE-G1 $6,900ea
  • PA-MC-T3 $3,900ea
  • CISCO7206VXR w/ 2 AC power supplies,1 x NPE-G1 1 x PA-MC-T3 $12,900 for bundle


  • R643-13 $245ea


  • Dual4040D Out of stock
  • QHD4040D out of stock we have 1 x MA4040D $295ea


  • 373345-001 $1,750ea
  • A2937AW $545ea
  • A3396A A3389-69021 $45ea
  • A3400A A3716-69301 $250ea
  • C2321A 1818-4892 $25ea
  • C2731A $125ea
  • C2748A C2748-69501 Out of stock
  • C2983D C6362-69002 $250ea
  • C3253A $125ea
  • C3253A $150ea
  • C5258R C5258-69650 $275ea
  • C5261U C5258-69650 $1,995ea
  • C5263U A3352-69003 $675ea
  • C5266U A4081-69003 $250ea
  • C6386A C6386-69007 $445ea


  • TN335E E5PQAL7AAC $2800ea
  • TN831B E5PQ66DAAB $155ea
  • DAC100B E5PQAYPAAB $175ea
  • TN1377 E5PQ38RAXX $16ea
  • KCB10 E5ISD00AAB $16ea
  • SN516 E5PQ978AXX $25ea
  • 410CA PWPQ18ZAAK $85ea
  • TN1682 E5PQATAAAB $140ea
  • TN888 E5PQ893AAE $125ea
  • TN883 E5PQ892AXX $65ea
  • UN182 E5PQ896AXX $57ea
  • KBN4 E5PQ38LAXX $245ea
  • KBN2 E5PQ895AXX $245ea
  • 495KA PWPQ54EAAE $77ea
  • TN1286 E5PQ40XAXX $125ea
  • TN1274B E5PQ37PAXX $155ea
  • TN1276 E5MQAAVAXX $95ea
  • 410AA2 PWPQAS7AAB $65ea
  • 495MA PWPQ66NAXX $85ea
  • TN881 E5PQ42NAXX $65ea
  • UN321 E5PQ38FAAD $65ea
  • TN884C E5MQAHGAAA $125ea
  • TN882 E5PQ894AXX $65ea
  • TN1034 E5PQ42LAXX $55ea
  • UN186 E5PQ42KAXX $75ea
  • UN187 E5PQ42JAXX $75ea
  • 495FB PWPQ54CAXX $65ea
  • TN856B E5MQ40SAAB $125ea
  • TN886 E5MQ34KAXX $145ea
  • UN173 E5MQ34HAXX $65ea
  • UN25B SP3Q01AAXX $45ea
  • UN178 E5MQ51JAXX $125ea
  • UN199 E5MQ41BAXX $125ea
  • TN70B SP3Q06JAXX $50ea
  • TN69B SP3Q05ZAXX $45ea
  • TN870 E5MQ803AXX $16ea
  • TN856C E5MQ940AAA $145ea
  • SN516C E5PQAPUAAA $55ea
  • TN1684 E5PQAF5AAD $645ea
  • TN1800 E5PQANYAAB $125ea
  • TN1369 E5PQACUAAA $135ea
  • KLU3 E5PQA0PAAA $295ea
  • KTU2 E5PQAX1AAA $2,295ea
  • UN375F SP3QADRAAA $1,995ea
  • E5MQMZTAAA $75ea
  • E5PQ54BAXX $125ea
  • E5PQASLAAA $155ea
  • E5PQ00FAXX $75ea
  • E5MQ808AAC $95ea
  • KLW128 SPPQABBAAG $495ea
  • KCD3B E5PQ98AAAB $45ea
  • 553B PWPQ962AAD $55ea
  • TN844 E5MQ50LAXX $65ea
  • ED7C384 E5PQ001AAA $75ea
  • TN335C E5PQ35DAXX $95ea
  • TN842B E5PQ50CAXX $85ea
  • TN843 E5PQ30HAXX $45ea
  • TN831 E5PQ36JAXX $35ea
  • TN832 E5PQ36KAXX $75ea
  • 494GB PWPQAMRAAA $95ea
  • TN844E E5MQAFNAAA $6,995ea
  • UN322B E5PQAMZAAA $75ea
  • TN1058C E5PQAL6AAD $125ea
  • TN1424 E5PQAMTAAC $175ea
  • KBN22B E5PQAVYAAB $995ea
  • UN71C E5PQAYLAAA $95ea
  • TN1086B E5PQAWXAAA $275ea
  • TN1377 E5PQAWNAAB $45ea
  • TN138 E5PQ12AAAC $65ea
  • TN220B E5PQ32KAAD $65ea
  • TN221 E5PQ14WAAD $65ea
  • 494LA PWPQACXAAB $95ea
  • TN1286 E5PQ40XAXX $125ea
  • TN1274B E5PQ37PAXX $155ea
  • TN1276 E5MQAAVAXX $95ea
  • TN1367B E5MQADBAAA $175ea
  • UN192 E5MQN63AXX $145ea
  • TN1803 E5MQ52FAXX $65ea
  • TN1846 E5PQAN4AAC $45ea
  • TN1843 E5PQAJ1AAB $95ea
  • UN396 E5PQAPMAAA $65ea
  • UN399 E5PQAZ3AAB $145ea
  • KBN10 E5PQAH2AAC $125ea
  • TN1820D SP3QADMAAB $225ea
  • UN583 SP3QADPAAC $425ea
  • UN933 SPPQABGAAC $275ea
  • UN582B SP3QADKAAB $125ea
  • UN375F SP3QADRAAA $1,995ea
  • UN580B SPPQABTAAB $295ea
  • KBN15 SP3QACVAAB $255ea
  • TN1821C SP3QADFAAC $445ea
  • UN589B E5PQA1VAAA $345ea
  • UN588 E5PQA19AAA $750ea
  • TN1806 E5PQAJ6AAB $145ea
  • KBN8B E5PQA0ZAAA $445ea
  • UN538 E5PQATCAAB $125ea
  • UN539B E5PQAWYAAB $75ea
  • UN395B E5PQARCAAA $155ea
  • UN71C E5PQAYLAAA $95ea
  • UN590 E5PQA1FAAA $265ea
  • 486AA (PWR) PWPQATAAAB $185ea
  • UM74D E5PQAXFAAA $95ea
  • KLU1B E5PQA0ZAAA $445ea
  • 410AA2 PWPQAS7AAB $65ea
  • BKD2 E5PQAGEAAD $95ea
  • BKD4 E5PQAENAAA $155ea
  • UN553 E5PQA3DAAA $795ea
  • SN730 E5PQ95CAAA $65ea
  • TN1611C E5MQADHAAA $95ea
  • ANN3B E5DTE00AXX $125ea
  • SN346B E5PQ08CAXX $115ea
  • UN583 SP3QADPAAC $555ea
  • LPZ100D E5PQA16AAB $795ea
  • RGP100B PRPUAGBAAB $275ea

VoIP and WiFi Phones
Used Network Equipment



We currently provide high quality, new and used network equipment from the following well-known manufacturers:

Foundry Networks, Inc.

Foundry Networks, Inc. provides high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing, security, and application traffic management solutions including edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Web and content-aware application switches, network-wide security solutions, wireless LAN and access points, wide area access routers and internet provider edge and service provider core MPLS routers. Used Foundry network equipment


Nortel Networks

Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the world's greatest challenges. Used Nortel network equipment


Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems has a comprehensive line of servers, storage, software and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Network Equipment Providers (NEP). Used Sun network equipment


Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks’ purpose-built, high-performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Used Juniper network equipment

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet. Used Cisco network equipment


Enterasys / Cabletron

Enterasys designs integrated hardware and software solutions that intelligently sense and automatically respond to security threats – and proactively prevent threats from entering networks. Used Enterasys and Cabletron network equipment



Brocade provides platforms, solutions, and services for connecting, managing, and optimizing IT resources in shared storage environments. Used Brocade network equipment


Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks allows seamless growth and expansion without the need for large upgrades. Stackable Summit 10/100 Ethernet switches and the modular and upgradeable BlackDiamond chassis-based switches help expand networks without increasing the number of devices to be managed. Used Extreme network equipment


HP provides infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. Used HP network equipment


Marconi / Fore

Marconi is a multi-regional designer, manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications and information technology equipment and services. Their network technology enables customers to evolve narrowband networks to next-generation broadband networks. Used Marconi network equipment


Riverstone Networks

Riverstone Networks provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. Used Riverstone network equipment


VOIP Phones and Accessories

Allstar Networks offers VOIP phones and accessories, we are looking to make your transition to VoIP based multi-media communications as inexpensive as possible.. Buy VOIP Phones